Jumping Joey's Number Line Arithmetic PlaceMat Review

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

As parent's we are always looking for ways to help our kids with learning so that they succeed in life. We also know that school is so challenging, starting in the early grades that we have to work even harder and sooner with them. Little ones don't really have fun learning that is why we want to make it a fun and exciting process for them. With Jumping Joey's NumberLine there are several different items offered to help with your child with their learning.
About the company: Students, parents, and educators are finding a better way to master all four operations of arithmetic with JumpingJoey's NumberLine, the arithmetic learning system for children in grades Pre-K through Elementary. The evolution of JumpingJoey’s NumberLine began in 2004 with a kindergarten child whose learning difficulties made basic math concepts challenging. The founders of JumpingJoey's NumberLine sought to create a multi-sensory approach to math to help her achieve. As she jumped the NumberLine, she finally understood what the number 6 meant – because she experienced it herself! And so, the first JumpingJoey’s NumberLine FloorMat was created. Since that first kindergartner, the line has been expanded to cover all four arithmetic operations. Students of varying ages, learning styles, and abilities throughout classrooms and summer institutes have validated the worth of JumpingJoey's NumberLine and its multi-sensory philosophy. Students who use JumpingJoey’s NumberLine enjoy enhanced confidence. It boosts their long-term understanding of math concepts.

JumpingJoey's NumberLine costs less than $25 to begin to receive the benefits of increased math performance and academic success.  The PlaceMat, Arithmetic PlaceMat, Multiplication & Division Book, among others can all be purchased for less than $25. Here are some of the products that they carry and prices, also right now there are sale prices going on.
  • JumpingJoey's NumberLine FloorMat: $129.95
  • JumpingJoey's NumberLine PlaceMat: $29.95
  • JumpingJoey's NumberLine Arithmetic PlaceMat: $29.95
  • JumpingJoey's NumberLine Arithmetic Supplement: $24.95
  • JumpingJoey's NumberLine Multiplication and Division Book: $24.95
  • JumpingJoey's NumberLine GameSet: $24.95 
There are different sections for the educators, students, and parents. There is so much information in each section offered. 

For my review I had the opportunity to try out The JumpingJoey Numberline Arithmetic PlaceMat  which there is some information about the product from the website and it also Includes:
  • One desk-sized Arithmetic PlaceMat, featuring numbers 0-100
  • 10 multi-colored, multi-sided number dice, plus 1 operations die
  • 3 JumpingJoey Figures
  • 100 Counting Chips
  • Manipulative Storage Case
  • Arithmetic PlaceMat Carrying Case to store all materials
  • JumpingJoey’s Numberline Arithmetic PlaceMat Directions, with detailed instructions for use, including a range of problem-type examples
*Recommended Learning Level: Grades 2-4, or beyond. Helps students grow their mathematical knowledge with the same multi-sensory approach! Ideal for 2nd- 4th grade, or beyond. As children gain an understanding of basic addition and subtraction, they become ready for more challenging material and do best with a multi-sensory, structured approach. JumpingJoey’s NumberLine Arithmetic PlaceMat creates a vital learning bridge by providing the framework for students to improve upon their addition and subtraction facts and make the important leap to multiplication and division. Students are able to use the product to solve a variety of number or word problems with varying degrees of difficulty.

How Does the NumberLine Arithmetic PlaceMat work? Using engaging manipulatives such as numerical and operations dice, figures, and counting chips along with a well-organized NumberLine approach, children learn to add and subtract to higher numbers. They also develop an understanding of the foundations of multiplication and division as repeated addition or subtraction.  Students navigate the Arithmetic NumberLine as they add, subtract, multiply, and divide, and learn to develop multiple ways of solving problems -- a hallmark of critical thinking.  Curricula can come from school or other sources, or a multitude of problems can be created by rolling the included dice.  Like all products in the line, in-depth instructions make learning easy to understand for parents, children, and educators. All materials fit into a durable soft-plastic case that is great for travelling, and lays flat for easy storage.*

When I first got this product I set down and read the instructions since looking at the board and all the dice I couldn't figure it out.  I will be honest I was a little confused until I went step by step with the instructions. Once I had it out figured out later that night we played this with Dominique of course Conner had to play as well. One thing I really liked about this was it allowed you and worked with you on breaking down the numbers to help with counting, by 1's, 5's 10's and so on. Which is a lot nicer for little ones then just counting everything by ones. After a while Dominique caught one and was really getting the hang of it. I do wish that school was still in so I could see the process of how much this helped with. But, I will continue this in the summer and we will be able to tell next year. During the time of playing this I only had her do the + and - I didn't want to overwhelm her with the others. This will also be great to use with my little boy in a few years. 

You Can Buy: you can go here and order from their website.

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