Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mailbox Check for 12/21 and the UPS!

So today was pretty good I got a lot of goodies in the mailbox today and when I thought is was almost all done the UPS man came with 2 more boxes of things. As you can see I won a lot one thing was a really good sized gift pack of Udderly Smooth from a blog giveaway, I couldn't believe the amount of lotion and all the many different sizes. So glad my little girl even took one. This gift pack also came with all kinds of coupons which I can sure use who can't use coupons! The labels I got for a review I will be doing and posting within the next few days. I also got a sample of two Crest 3D White products and they came with coupons also. Dove samples with coupons and a P&G coupon booklet which had some really good coupons.
So after that around 6pm the UPS man shows up with my lovely two boxes of some more things I won from blog giveaways. The first box was a Tangled t-shirt for my little girl with Tangled silly bands which I can put in her stocking but I went ahead and gave her the shirt and she absolutely loved it to death. The other thing was 4 bottles 2 were for Fuel Injection cleaning and the other 2 were for Fuel system cleaner which is great to have. We have 2 cars so both of cars get some goodies put in them lol! I sure hope tomorrow is just as good.