Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mailbox Check Dec. 16th

Sorry about no Mailbox Check yesterday but I didn't get anything but today was great in the mailbox lol!

The mailman brought me a lot of things today. I was brought a package from Woolite with a free sample to dry clean which is really cool to get to do at home and it came with a $1.00 coupon. I also got my hubby's Christmas bonus which was a gift card worth $250.00 at Wal-mart which I can really really use. Then I got a package of 2 bottles of Rohto eye drops and Certain Dri Solid which I won on a giveaway blog a month ago or so.

Then later on the the UPS came to my house and bought my gift set of Scentsy holder and 3 things of candle's for the holder which I won from Shop we me Mama! I was so excited to get that gift pack of Scentsy that as soon as I got it opened I had to use it and it made my house smell good.

I sure hope tomorrow is another great day in the mail!