Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mailbox check Nov. 27th

OK I know I am a day late but I have been so busy getting my house in order and shopping and just it has been a little crazy. Well yesterday when I checked my mail I was so happy I got a lot of goodies. I got a very pretty shirt from Blue Platypus and I won it from One Day at a Time. Such a pretty shirt it is brown with a owl on it and a tree. Then my next thing was a pick breast cancer work lock. I won this on a sweepstakes on Facebook held by work lock and there was only 400 winners so I was pretty happy to win. I am not done yet lol! The nest thing I won was a I Style shirt which says I Rock on it. I won this from Mimi loves all 8 and it is so cool. Hubby is going to love this I got it for him.Ok ready for another thing I won a pink Rainebrooke Ipad Case from Blissful Bee Blogging which is just so nice.OK we are finally one the last thing lol! OK so a few months back there was a sweepstakes done by CVS and Axe Music One Night Only. Well I won 2nd place there were a total of 250 people who won 2nd place. I won a black hat that says Axe Music One Night Only, a guitar pic, a key chain which my hubby will love all of this stuff and also my fav a $25.00 CVS GC. So all in all I think this was a great mail box check day.

Picaboo Facebook Contest 11/30!

I just came across this on Facebook and thought everyone would love to get in on this.
Here's how the 500 Fan, 50 Card giveaway will work:
  1. Be a "Fan" or "Like" Picaboo on Facebook. All Picaboo "Fans" or "Likes" are eligible.
  2. The giveaway will take place on Monday, November 29th.
  3. We will create a wall post on our Facebook page at with a specific phrase at 7:00am Pacific Time (10:00am Eastern).
  4. The first 250 fans to comment on that post with that exact phrase will be sent a coupon code for 50 free cards. New posts on our wall will not qualify for this promotion, the phrase must be a comment on our post. The coupon code will expire on 11/30 at midnight Pacific Time.
  5. Once we have reached 250 eligible comments (which are tallied on the Facebook post), we will create a new post letting everyone know that 250 people have commented and won.
If you are not one of the first 250, your luck hasn't run out yet! At 7:00pm Pacific Time (10:00pm Eastern), we will do the exact same thing.
PLEASE NOTE: We expect a lot of people to be refreshing our Facebook page at the times above. It is possible that our page will load slowly for some people.
We are doing this giveaway because we love our Fans, and sometimes we all need a little nudge so we don't procrastinate :) Thanks so much for your support on Facebook, and good luck on Monday!