Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Instant Win Games

There are a few new instant win games that I have found. There are 6 new ones under Daily Entry. Also a few have ended.

Daily Enty:
Extreme NFL Experience
Toys"R"Us Scavenger Hunt Sweepstakes and Instant Win Game 
Bath & Body Works Perfect Gift 
Titanium Power Up Giveaway
Toy Story 3 Play to Win Game (FACEBOOK)
Cutest Grandchild Photo Contest

My Black Friday Trip!

So yesterday as you all know was Black Friday and I literally shopped till I dropped. So I woke up Thursday morning at 10am and was a wake all day long. My best friend Mindi came to my house at 11pm then we went to Wal-mart. At midnight it went crazy but we were having fun at least with it all. I did so good. I got a lot of toys, DVD's. and games. I was so happy to get the 40 piece Rubbermaid bowl and lid set thing I really needed that. I couldn't believe it when I was able to get all 3 Lord of the Rings for 1.97 a piece which is just crazy. Hubby is going to love this. All in all I spent $260.00 and I had a heaping buggy. So we left around 3am and went to the restaurant that is open 24/7 which they have some really good food. While we were there of course with the time there rolled in some drunks and they were just so funny. So we had some good laughs in there until we headed to K-mart. We stood in line at K-mart from 4:30-5am and it was so so so cold. It was snowing while we were eating so we were freezing to death. At K-mart I did pretty good I didn't get as much there but what I got was pretty good. I spent $140.00. After that we went to Big Lots and I got a few more things nothing big but a few little great things. We went to Goody's after that which was our last stop and I got quite a bit of things and didn't even spend $80.00. So I finally got home around 9am. With two little ones and my hubby at work on the river I was only able to get a 3 hour cat nap with waking up here and there. So I was so so tired and ready to go too bed when the kids finally went to bed 12 hours later. I am sure happy this is only once a year I don't know how ofter I could go with that kind of sleep. But we had so much fun and got so much stuff I can't wait until next year again but it can take it's time lol!

Sunday Paper Preview for 11-28-10

Well this week in the Sunday paper we do have a insert. We have 1 P&G insert which has some great coupons in it. You will want to pick it up for CVS trips. Go ahead and head over and look at the coupons at